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If you tend to show something to a large group of people or if you just plan to show family movies then you may want to consider using a small lcd projector.

The small lcd projector will help you increase the size of the images for easily viewing and can be really ideal when you have a group of people. Some small lcd projector can get rather expensive; however, there are also a few of the best small lcd projector affordable.

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What are the Best Small LCD Projector

Epson VS220 SVGA 2700 lumens color brightness, 2700 lumens white brightness, HDMI, 3LCD Projector

Bright, Brilliant Images for Your Business Needs. The VS220 delivers amazing high-definition performance for compelling, high-impact presentations with 2700 lumens of color brightness and 2700 lumens of white brightness.

Product Comparisons
  • “Used an 84″ image and there was plenty of detail, very bright, fairly sharp, wonderful color fidelity, and overall great image quality.” – Bron
  • “Very easy and intuitive to set up.” – Sam I Am
  • “I also had the pleasure of using them while assisting with a presentation.” – Fetter Mankowski

Epson V11H429420 VS320 XGA 3LCD 2700 Lumens Color Brightness Projector

Bright, Brilliant Images for Your Business Needs. The VS320 delivers amazing high-definition performance for compelling, high-impact presentations with 2700 lumens of color brightness and 2700 lumens of white brightness.

Buyers Guide
  • “Great quality image, brightness and clarity.” – Tim Gamble
  • “Sufficient power to view well in partial sunlight.” – Larry, Texas
  • “Pretty easy to set-up, however sometimes it does not "read" the signal from the computer correctly and I have turn it off and start over.” – Kurt in New York

Epson PowerLite 1761W Projector (Ultraportable WXGA 720p Widescreen 3LCD, 2600 lumens color brightness, 2600 lumens white brightness, HDMI, wireless, app compatible, rapid setup)

Brilliant Widescreen Performance in a Slim Ultraportable.Its sleek, lightweight design, widescreen WXGA resolution and 2600 lumens color/white light output make it easy for the Epson PowerLite 1761W to deliver brilliant widescreen presentations.

Buyers Guide
  • “The included carrying bag/case is deceptively roomy but also small and easy to carry around in a very comfortable manner.” – terpfan1980
  • “The projector is easy to set up and includes a remote control for convenience.” – mhnstr
  • “This projector works great as a business projector.” – Don Graham

Epson PowerLite 1771W Widescreen Business Projector (WXGA Resolution 1280x800) (V11H477020)

The Slim Ultraportable With Ultra-Bright Widescreen Performance.The Epson® PowerLite 1771W sets a high standard for widescreen projectors with its ultra sleek design and energy-efficient lamp.

Product Ratings
  • “I purchased this for a lab approximately 20X30 in size but his projector could be used in our big lecture halls!” – American
  • “Great quality, photo and the best part it is so light it is easy to carry or travel with!” – Tamifr2
  • “Very high quality projector, very light, easy to carry , excellent features.” – Walter

Epson EX3210 Projector (Portable SVGA 3LCD, 2800 lumens color brightness, 2800 lumens white brightness, rapid setup)

Spectacular Presentations Made Easier. The easy-to-use EPSON EX3210 delivers exceptional performance and versatility. With Epson’s intuitive control features like USB Plug ‘n Play instant setup and our new, breakthrough horizontal image correction with convenient, easy-slide control, setting up your presentation has never been easier.

Consumer Reports
  • “Got this today and am very impressed with the image clarity and brightness.” – Rajesh Ramjit
  • “It is easy to use and the remote is simple.” – KC
  • “It is also reasonably light and comes with a carry case for easy transport.” – Two kids mom

LG HW350T Micro Portable WXGA LED Projector with Digital TV Tuner

The HW350T Ultra Portable LED Projector features superior picture quality with up to 114% wider color range and deeper color saturation. Without a laptop or media device, it can also play movies, pictures and music through the HD DIVX player via USB 2.

Buying Guides
  • “I’d imagine that if this isn’t designed to breakdown quickly and the owner excercises care of the unit, it will last a long long time.” – P. Vo
  • “This is a fun alternative for movie watching.” – Ryan Chen
  • “Picture quality is excellent and can be adjusted to taste.” – Roger

Epson EX7210 Projector (Portable WXGA 720p Widescreen 3LCD, 2800 lumens color brightness, 2800 lumens white brightness, HDMI, rapid setup)

Easily Realize Your Ultimate Potential. The EPSON EX7210 delivers the ultimate in HD performance for compelling presentations. A breathtaking widescreen,16:10 format produces 30% more image area than lower resolution projectors, while 3LCD technology and 2800 lumens of color/white light output create brilliant color and razor-sharp detail that’s sure to captivate any audience.

Product Research
  • “Very bright image, easy to focus.” – Tom Loughney, AJ4XM
  • “When looking for a multimedia projector, you have a few choices — this is definitely one of the better ones, and it’s priced reasonably.” – Michael Smith
  • “The easy is for the simplicity of the set up and controls.” – Fatal fall

Epson PowerLite 1750 Business Projector (XGA Resolution 1024x768) (V11H372120)

Its sleek, lightweight design, XGA resolution and outstanding image quality make it easy for the Epson PowerLite 1750 to deliver brilliant presentations in the office or on the road.

InFocus IN116 Portable DLP Projector, 3D ready, WXGA, 2700 Lumens

Unbelievable low price. Unbeatable value. The InFocus IN116 is not only one of the lowest cost projectors we’ve ever sold, but it also has one of the longest-lasting lamps – for an incredibly low total cost of ownership.

Expert Advice
  • “Highly recommend for a budget home cinema.” – Jonay
  • “The resolution is very good, and it is very bright.” – Lucas Tobin
  • “Both fans are running, but it just completely shuts down everything and we must wait about 5 or 10 minutes before it will restart again.” – R. Kaine

Epson PowerLite X15 XGA 3 LCD Projector V11H518020

Featuring XGA resolution, 3000 lumens of color brightness and 3000 lumens of white brightness (light output)1, the PowerLite X15 provides super-bright, clear images, ideal for small to medium-sized classrooms and conference rooms.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Large clear image; vivid colors.” – Susan D
  • “This projector has the clearest picture out of any projector I’ve worked with.” – Renee Hacker
  • “I received it within the specified time frame and the products packaging was well constructed to ensure no a damage to the unit would occur in transit.” – Ronald E Gilbert

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